Training and workshops

Basic Nanny, Night Nanny & childcare workshop

We believe in candidates reaching their full potential

we offer the following short courses/ workshops for candidtes to increase their knowledge and skills:

. Basic Nanny, Night Nanny & Childcare workshop

. Complete Night Nanny/ Night Nurse workshop

. Basic Creche & Preschool workshop


Basic childcare, Nanny and Night NANNY (Combined)



Infant care 
Newborn care (Night nanny/nursing)
Baby bathing 
Sleep routine
Safety in the home
Do's and don'ts 
The labour law
Interview tips
Milestone development
Informative session on keeping children safe and preventive measures
Timeout and positive discipline methods

And much much more



Email or call/ whatsapp: 0712421918



Basic creche & Pre-school workshop

Basic Creche and Pre-school Teacher workshop:


Perfect for those who would aspire to become Teachers and Teachers assistants

we will touch on the following subjects:

Etiquette and mannerisms in the ECD environment

How to interact with parents

Incident reports and medicine forms

Preventive measures and safety

Basic knowledge of the Child Act

Labour Law and children rights

Care and stimulation for infants until age 2

Developmental stimulation and milestone development ages 2-6 years

Homework supervision

Successful potty training

Fine, Gross motor skills, cognitive development, visual stimulation and logic

The importance of morning rings and structured theme

How to create Themes an how to imminent the necessary developmental stimulation activities for each age group

Creativity and art

Positive discipline techniques in the CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT

How to diffuse tantrums, biting and fighting in a positive way

Creche and ECD protocols

How to maintain a clean and hygienic environment

How to interact with children according to their various ages

and more


Email or call/ whatsapp:  or 0712421918



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