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With 12 years in the Childcare industryRecruitMe Nanny placements  has the special knowledge, understanding and experience to assess yours and your family's needs, and the ability to match these to the most suitable applicant.

We recruit and place successful candidates all throughout the Western Cape.

Please request our form so we can find out a bit more regarding the candidate you would need for the position. 


The process with regards to hiring a Nanny/ Domestic/ Au Pair would be as follows:

. We would forward you an application form where you would stipulate the exact qualities as well as the

job description and duties the successful candidate would need to fit. 


. We will then send you some candidate profiles in accordance to what you would be looking for. 


. You are able to set your own salary for the preferred candidate.Only once you have conducted an interview

and are happy with you chosen candidate then only does placement payment need to be made.


. Included in this is a  employment contract drawn up between you and the successful candidate. 


*** We are NOT labour brokers- instead we source, interview,  conduct neccessary checks, train  and shortlist suitable candidates for you to interiew. We do all the work- using our skills and knowledge within the industry -  to present you with the right match for your needs (when you may not have the time, nor know where to begin) - This enables you to  have peace of mind when it comes to making the right decision as to which candidate will be joining your family.


Sit back and relax as you allow

us to take care of everything for you! 


Basic Nanny, childcare and Night Nanny workshops




In addition to offering placement services, we also strive to educate and train our Nannies with informative knowledge within the childcare industry. The most important aspects are discussed and touched on in great depth.  We make it our mission to equip women who would in future be placed in a home to work as a childminder- so that they know what will be expected of them. Although we place various and diverse candidates, we do personally love and prefer to put forward candidates who have completed our workshops, as this training gives them a solid working foundation of knowing- as Nannies, housekeepers and childminders- what will be required of both potential employee and employer to ensure lasting and harmonious working relations. 


We highlight subjects such as Newborn/ infant care and their all-around safety, regarding sleeping, holding,interaction, colic, relfux, bathing, changing and formula/ breast milk preparation, etc.

Sensitive subjects such as the Labour law is also impetrative for us to bring across the Employees rights as well as highlighting the child act and the rights of the employers. Other subjects covered are those of morals, ethics and overall good attitude are heavily emphasized as well as childcare from birth until toddler years. 

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