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The Candidate selection process:

Once you send us your specifications we will present it to the candidates on our books. We will then forward the profiles of those who have shown a keen interest in the position offered.

You may select as many candidates as your desire to personally interview
It is always preferred to arrange interviews from your home as this would be the place the candidates would need to travel to daily- as well as them getting a feel for the environment and your home dynamics and set up. It does make is easier for them, on their official starting date, as they would use the interview day to establish a good transport route. 




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Trial days with your candidate:

We understand the importance of testing out your candidates skills with regards to your little ones and the cleaning of your home. For this reason, doing a 1-2 day max trial with your preferred candidate is recommended.  The potential employer would be required to pay the candidate personally in cash after her days work. We encourage the trial payment  to be roughly R200 per day - This trial amount will not affect the remuneration you have agreed to offer and would only be a recommendation for the trial day. 

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Employment Contracts

- Annual renewal fixed term contract

- 3 month fixed term contract

- 3 month probation contract                            or

- Permanent contract

We provide 2x contracts for the employer and their new employee.

Our first contracts are a  choice between 3 month probation period contracts or a 3 month fixed term.

The second contracts are a choice between annual renewal contracts (perfect for Au Pairs) or Permanent contracts . 

Whichever contracts you end up selecting will all depend on yours and your familys needs and circumstances.

These contracts are offered free of charge to employers who make use of our Agency's placement services.